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Collectors Role

A collector is a business registered with UOMA PE  to pick up  the poducts governed by the Regulation from large generators or collection facilities and deliver them to registered UOMA PE processors.

At the heart of UOMA PE’s program we find incentives (Return Incentives or RIs) to collectors, according to the different zones in the province of Prince Edward Island. The financing of these subsidies comes from the (Environmental Handling Charges) EHCs paid by members on their sales occured in Prince Edward Island of the products covered by the Regulation.

Register as a Collector

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Does your organization generate a large amount of recyclable material? A registered collector will take care of the collection directly at your door.


Serving the city of « »

  • OilsOils
  • FiltersFilters
  • Oil containersOil containersOil containers
  • Aerosol containersAerosol containersAerosol containers
  • Glycol (antifreeze)Glycol (antifreeze)Glycol (antifreeze)
  • Glycol (antifreeze) containersGlycol (antifreeze) containersGlycol (antifreeze) containers
  • Envirosystems
    Oils Filters Oil containers Aerosol containers Glycol (antifreeze) Glycol (antifreeze) containers
  • RPM Environnement Ltée
    Oil containers Glycol (antifreeze) containers
  • Safety-Kleen Canada Inc.
    Oils Filters Aerosol containers Glycol (antifreeze)
  • Terrapure Environmental
    Oils Filters Oil containers Aerosol containers Glycol (antifreeze) Glycol (antifreeze) containers


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Register as a collector

What documentation do I need in order to register as a UOMA PE collector?

It is important to read through the collectors and processors manual to fully understand the program.

To register as a UOMA PE collector, you must send the following items to UOMA PE:

a) the collector registration form and all the documents outlined therein
b) the collectors Agreement, signed, dated and initialized on every page
c) the collectors registration questionnaire completed, signed and dated
d) a check for $ 200 plus all applicable taxes

UOMA PE will examine the information received and will schedule an appointment with the registrant. Following the meeting, if all is in order, the registrant will be presented with a registration certificate along with a copy of their collectors agreement signed by UOMA PE. All collectors registered with UOMA PE appear on the website with the products that they collect and their zones of activity.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that you read the supplemental information sent to all collectors in compliance with the collectors agreement.  You will find this information in the Communiqués section of this website under “Collectors”.

What documentation do I need to complete in order to register with UOMA PE as an internal collector-processor?

In the case of a registration for an internal collector-processor, UOMA PE requires all of the documents required for a collector registration AND all of the documents required for a processor registration.

UOMA PE will examine the documents and if all is in order, UOMA PE will forward the registration certificate to the registrant along with a copy of the agreements (collectors and processors) signed by UOMA PE.

Internal collector-processors do not appear on UOMA PE’s website.