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What is a collection facility?

Collection facilities are establishments registered with UOMA PE to receive the designated products from small generators free of charge.  These collection facilities are mechanical workshops, car dealerships but also many IWMCs. UOMA PE has developed a network of over 32 collection facillities throughout Prince Edward Island.

We congratulate the repair shops and the IWMCs that agreed to be a collection facility and offer the service free of charge to the population. It has never been easier to recover these products.

* For larger generators of used oil materials, there are registered collectors that will come to your site, farm, place of business and take the material to a registered processor.

Designated products

  • Oils: Means petroleum or synthetic derived crankcase oil, engine oil and gear oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and heat transfer fluid, and fluid used for lubricating purposes in machinery or equipment.
  • Filters: Means a spin-on style or element style fluid filter that is used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine applications and an oil filter, a diesel fuel filter, a storage tank fuel filter and a household furnace oil filter other than a gasoline filter.
  • Oil, glycol and DEF containers: Means a container with a capacity of up to 50 litres manufactured for the purpose of holding an oil, glycol or DEF product.
  • Aerosol containers: Means aerosol containers manufactured for the purpose of holding an oil product as well as aerosol containers used to contain products used  to clean automotive parts.
  • Glycol (antifreeze): Means ethylene or propylene glycol used or intended for use as a vehicule or commercial engine coolant, but does not include the following: plumbing antifreeze, windshield washer antifreeze, lock de-icer, gasoline and diesel fuel antifreeze.

Register as a Collection Facility

If your company or IWMC is interested in registering as a collection facility for the recovery of products covered by the UOMA PE program, we invite you to complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

The benefits are numerous. Being recognized as an environmentally conscious enterprise, you will be rewarded with the various incentives put in place. You will receive a registration bonus of $ 100 plus taxes on the 3rd month following your registration and you will benefit from the promotion on filters (see next section). You will be added on the UOMA PE website giving you additional advertising and increasing traffic to your business. We invite you to consult the list of benefits in becoming a collection facility by using the following link: Benefits.

We wish to thank all the garages, mechanical shops and IWMCs who have already registered as collection facility for the UOMA PE products for your genuine concern for the environment and your commercial vision.

Promotion on filters -$$$-


As an appreciation for registering with UOMA PE as a collection facility, and to encourage you to increase your filter collections, UOMA PE has implemented a PROMOTION on filters. In fact, UOMA PE will pay collection facilities subsidies (RIs) based on the amount of filters (by weight) collected by UOMA PE’s registered collectors.

We are currently not accepting 2023 annual promotion on filter claims. The link to access the claim form will be available here in late 2023.

You can submit your claim to UOMA PE annually no later than 30 days after the end of the year you are claiming for. You will find the details of this promotion by using the following link: Details of the promotion.